Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm really good at this updating once a month thing.
A lot of changes have happened recently & I feel like most of them are for the better.

I am going to have a booth at a craft show in Gainesville in September & I can't wait! I'm sharing a booth with my bff, mom & her bff. :) It shall be swell.
Most of my goodies feature my favorite animal....this little guy:

Actually, most of my earrings have nature touches....owls, birds, or leafs. 
I will post pictures of my creations as soon as I actually TAKE the step at a time, right? right.
For now, check out the (few) goodies I have on etsy. :)


Monday, August 10, 2009

Wow. What to say.
So much has happened in the past week that I can't even begin to process all of it.
My heart is hurting. And I'm not sure how to begin to deal with it.

In other news. I start back to school in a week. I'm ready & yet so scared about having a "real" job. I have a real job now, but it is not my career of choice.
In one year, I will (hopefully) be in charge of 25+ little children for 8+ hours a day. I can't wait but it is still so scary!
I hope I am able to find a job. This year has been a tough one on teachers. We'll see.