Tuesday, October 27, 2009

whooo loves cupcakes?

Yes, it's true...my owl obsession is also taking over my cooking/baking/kitchen creations. :)

( & that is what they are NOT supposed to look like. falling apart & wobbly eyes)


I had the best weekend ever. I had a girls only crafting/eating/sleepover party. 
It was OH so much fun! 
We mostly ate & talked, with a little crafting here & there.
It was so refreshing. Just what I needed.
That is all, really.
Have a wonderful night. :) 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's pumpkin carving time!

(photo taken Saturday at the pumpkin farm)

The hubby and I visited our first pumpkin farm together as husband & wife. Yes, we have been married for almost a year and half (holy cow!!) and we had not been to a pumpkin farm. This is not a big deal, really. It was just fun and kind of special, you know?  We have carved pumpkins that we bought at grocery stores, but had never been to a pumpkin farm. It was fun and VERY cold! We went with two other married couples- so it was kind of a tripple date. 

 (waiting in the car for our friends to get to the apple orchard. I love my bearded man)
We just made a day out of going to new things I suppose. Before we went to the pumpkin farm, we went to an apple orchard. We had never done that, so it was new as well. We got fried apple pies & hot apple cider which is obviously made from the apples there. It was delicious. We also got 1/2 a peck of apples (which I will be baking soon...yum!). 
Well, that is all for now. Happy Fall! 

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

fall is here.
I know I have mentioned that before,
but I am s o very excited!
leaves changing colors.
warm beverages.
smells of campfire.

(the hubs & me. photo taken November '08.)

in addition to all of the seasonal changes,
fall also means that I am a quarter through with my
(we won't mention it's my 5th year, okay?)
I am so excited/anxious/nervous/etc.
I have spent the past 6 weeks in a 3rd grade classroom and it has been absolutely amazing.
I will change to either 4th or 5th grade starting Wednesday.
(I'm not going to lie...the ones older than 3rd grade can be intimidating.)
But, I am so excited and so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful mentor teachers and college professors that want me to reach my full potential as a teacher.

I suppose that is all for now, folks.
I will try to update soon with some crafty goodness.