Wednesday, March 31, 2010

spring has sprung!

Spring has S p R u N g! The kids in my class have spring fever like crazy! And, yes, I will admit it...I have it too! 2 more days until Spring Break! And two weeks until I'm finished student teaching! And about a month from graduation! Time flies! 
I am going to miss my kiddos so much! I can already tell. [I'm considering going back after I'm finished student teaching just to visit/volunteer/ do crafts with the kids. We'll see though]

In other news, life is good! Job hunting is a bummer. Education is not the best profession to be in right now...which is totally lame! Education has always been a profession that is always hiring / needing teachers! (side note: if you can retire, please do so! I would love your job! thanks) 

Life is great! 
enjoy this beautiful Spring weather!

xo. natalie