Thursday, December 10, 2009

homemade Chistmas cards!

I am pleased to announce that I am making my(our) own Christmas cards this year!
Last year we did the ones where you just choose your photo & the store (Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, etc) has the layout for you.
Nope. Not this year, sucka!

Here are the ones I've made so far. I will probably try to print them Friday/Saturday and mail them by Saturday. :D
They were SUPER easy and I am SUPER excited to see what people think of them! :)

This photo was actually one of our engagement photos...from 2 years ago. :) Oh well. :)

Taken today. :)

Also taken today. :)

What are your thoughts?
Did you make your own Christmas cards this year? Share them with me!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

pumpkin cream cheese muffins, getting ready for Christmas & kittens!

(warning: picture heavy!)
Thanksgiving came & left in a FLASH!
I made pumpkin cream cheese muffins that were INCREDIBLE!
Step 1: put batter in cups (1/4 full)

Put cream cheese mixture in the middle...

Put more pumpkin batter on top & top with streusel mixture.

Bake them in the oven and this is what you get....

They were oh so good & a big hit at the family functions. :)

In other news...Christmas is right around the corner and I have been learning to really cherish the season of Advent. It has been beautiful. I don't feel stressed about finding pointless gifts or whatnot. It is a blessing. The hubby & I agreed to do a "light" Christmas. The things I bought him are useful and things he actually NEEDS (and that I cannot make for him). I am not into buying a gift just to buy a gift, you know?

oh, and ps: we have 4 adorable little kittens! Zombie, Ghost, Dracula(aka Drake/Suede) & Lykin (aka Jameson). The kittens have different names depending on who is talking to them. :)
This is my mom's Christmas picture- it includes her 4 kids (3 kids, 1 son in law) and her grandkids (4 kittens)

(Nathan, Nick, Me, My Hubby)
[Kittens: Zombie, Drake, Ghost, Jameson]

Monday, November 16, 2009

hello, November!

October has come & gone very quickly.
And so has my birthday! It was November 9th and I have some
very special people on my life that spoil
me a little too much. :)
my bff, heatherxdawn , made me a BEAUTIFUL crocheted hat (grey with a yellow bow!),

crocheted leafy necklace, coaster
& a hand embroidered owl picture!

(if you haven't caught on, I LOVE owls.)
Mu husband bought me an owl oven mitt & pot holder (and some new socks!)

& I found THESE amazing owl glasses! The best thrift store find EVER!
I got a set of 6. Amazing!

Sorry this was a selfish post all about me/my birthday
but I just HAD to share my lovely goodies!
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

whooo loves cupcakes?

Yes, it's owl obsession is also taking over my cooking/baking/kitchen creations. :)

( & that is what they are NOT supposed to look like. falling apart & wobbly eyes)


I had the best weekend ever. I had a girls only crafting/eating/sleepover party. 
It was OH so much fun! 
We mostly ate & talked, with a little crafting here & there.
It was so refreshing. Just what I needed.
That is all, really.
Have a wonderful night. :) 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's pumpkin carving time!

(photo taken Saturday at the pumpkin farm)

The hubby and I visited our first pumpkin farm together as husband & wife. Yes, we have been married for almost a year and half (holy cow!!) and we had not been to a pumpkin farm. This is not a big deal, really. It was just fun and kind of special, you know?  We have carved pumpkins that we bought at grocery stores, but had never been to a pumpkin farm. It was fun and VERY cold! We went with two other married couples- so it was kind of a tripple date. 

 (waiting in the car for our friends to get to the apple orchard. I love my bearded man)
We just made a day out of going to new things I suppose. Before we went to the pumpkin farm, we went to an apple orchard. We had never done that, so it was new as well. We got fried apple pies & hot apple cider which is obviously made from the apples there. It was delicious. We also got 1/2 a peck of apples (which I will be baking soon...yum!). 
Well, that is all for now. Happy Fall! 

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

fall is here.
I know I have mentioned that before,
but I am s o very excited!
leaves changing colors.
warm beverages.
smells of campfire.

(the hubs & me. photo taken November '08.)

in addition to all of the seasonal changes,
fall also means that I am a quarter through with my
(we won't mention it's my 5th year, okay?)
I am so excited/anxious/nervous/etc.
I have spent the past 6 weeks in a 3rd grade classroom and it has been absolutely amazing.
I will change to either 4th or 5th grade starting Wednesday.
(I'm not going to lie...the ones older than 3rd grade can be intimidating.)
But, I am so excited and so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful mentor teachers and college professors that want me to reach my full potential as a teacher.

I suppose that is all for now, folks.
I will try to update soon with some crafty goodness.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

today was a day to sit outside.
enjoy the sunshine.
breathe in the fresh, cool air.
yes, c o o l air. 
did you notice that it actually f e e l s like fall?
yeah, me too.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

hello, friends!
yes, it is true!
I am updating, and it has been less than a week since my last post!
Too good to be true, right? Right!
Well, if you haven't heard, my bff (heatherlymade) and I are hosting a GIVEAWAY!

Click on the link to see how YOU can win! 

And, another update!
I added new items to my Etsy!

Go to my Etsy store to see more! :) 

Monday, September 21, 2009

Well, well,  well....
It is time for my once a month update.
My best friend has visited me twice in the past month.
For most of you, this might seem weird for me to be excited about spending TWO weekends with her.
However, she lives 2 and a half hours away so this means every other weekend visitations are INCREDIBLE! :)

this little lady brings the joy like no other.

She came up this past weekend for us to partake in a little crafty business. We sold some things at a booth at an Emporium in Gainesville, Ga. It went pretty well. Heather sold LOTS of cutesy crochet things to this sweet lady. I sold a couple of random things (button hair pins & earrings). We both were able to make some money, so that was super!
Photos of our stuff!
Heather makes all of the super cute crochet stuff. I make the jewelry/ hair clips/ etc.

That is all for now! Have a wonderful, rainy week!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm really good at this updating once a month thing.
A lot of changes have happened recently & I feel like most of them are for the better.

I am going to have a booth at a craft show in Gainesville in September & I can't wait! I'm sharing a booth with my bff, mom & her bff. :) It shall be swell.
Most of my goodies feature my favorite animal....this little guy:

Actually, most of my earrings have nature touches....owls, birds, or leafs. 
I will post pictures of my creations as soon as I actually TAKE the step at a time, right? right.
For now, check out the (few) goodies I have on etsy. :)


Monday, August 10, 2009

Wow. What to say.
So much has happened in the past week that I can't even begin to process all of it.
My heart is hurting. And I'm not sure how to begin to deal with it.

In other news. I start back to school in a week. I'm ready & yet so scared about having a "real" job. I have a real job now, but it is not my career of choice.
In one year, I will (hopefully) be in charge of 25+ little children for 8+ hours a day. I can't wait but it is still so scary!
I hope I am able to find a job. This year has been a tough one on teachers. We'll see.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well, I'm still alive!
Really busy with school & the married life. :)
Life is good.
ps: check out my etsy store!