Monday, November 16, 2009

hello, November!

October has come & gone very quickly.
And so has my birthday! It was November 9th and I have some
very special people on my life that spoil
me a little too much. :)
my bff, heatherxdawn , made me a BEAUTIFUL crocheted hat (grey with a yellow bow!),

crocheted leafy necklace, coaster
& a hand embroidered owl picture!

(if you haven't caught on, I LOVE owls.)
Mu husband bought me an owl oven mitt & pot holder (and some new socks!)

& I found THESE amazing owl glasses! The best thrift store find EVER!
I got a set of 6. Amazing!

Sorry this was a selfish post all about me/my birthday
but I just HAD to share my lovely goodies!
Enjoy your day!


-heather- said...

yippee!!! i'm so glad you love it. i was seriously anxious about giving you all things handmade.. i know you like handmade.. but you know how i like to be practical & give something that will actually be useful to you. :)
<3 heather
p.s. before you hang up the owl... will you center him again? he seems to have drifted downward for some reason..

Luchie said...

oh cute glasses...