Thursday, February 11, 2010

two months later...

Well, it has been two months and 1 day since my last post and there have been plenty of changes during that time.//some good some bad.//

The hubby & I moved closer to Atlanta! We're halfway closer! We're now only driving 35-ish miles to church instead of 75-ish, which is a major plus! We have had lots of company & been spending quality time with good people. (Before, we were INconveniently located at least an hour north of EVERYONE so we were 'too far' for people to drive to see us. hm.)
HOWEVER! Now, we are CONVENIENTLY located in sweet little Historic Buford. We are loving it. (except the days when I get stuck waiting for the train to go by)

Life is great! Student teaching is incredible! Kindergarten has stolen my heart. I knew it, but this is the grade I was made to teach.
[today, in honor of Valentine's day we did our math activities with conversation hearts. who DOESN'T love that? :D ]

ok. peace & happiness to you all.